Chung Sun Woi Kwon

Address 地址: 1401 Sande Street, Tondo, Manila, Philippines
Telephone 电话: 253-1475, 254-6538
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Monday January 6, 2014

Chung Sun Woi Kwon Officers' Induction And Chinese New Year Party

WHAT: 甄湯中山會館第85週年紀念




             Chung Sun Woi Kwon

             Officers' Induction


             Chinese New Year Party

WHERE: Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant
               #678 T. M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila

WHEN: February 2, 2014 11:00am

Friday May 17, 2013

Woi Kwon's Summer Activity Night


WHAT: Woi Kwon's Summer Activity Night

WHERE: Quezon City Sports Club

WHEN: (Saturday) June 1, 2013, 6pm

Come and join!

Enjoy the games, make new friends and savor the lauriat!

Program will start at 6pm. Kindly RSVP for head count.

Friday March 22, 2013

Walkathon Fun 2013


WHAT: Walkathon Fun
        (Luneta to CCP)

WHERE: Carabao, Luneta

WHEN: (Sunday) April 7, 2013 5:30am


Wednesday January 30, 2013

Chung Sun Woi Kwon Chinese New Year Party


WHAT: 甄湯中山會館第84週年紀念新春會員聯歡大會
             Chung Sun Woi Kwon Chinese New Year Party

WHERE: Shangri-La Finest Chinese Cuisine
               #4 Times St. cor. West Ave., West Triangle, QC

WHEN: February 17, 2013 11:00am

Tuesday January 15, 2013

A Brief History 简史

CHUN SUN WOI KWON (CSWK) is the Association of overseas Chinese, with surnames  "YAN" and "TANG", who were originally from Guangdong and are now living in the Philippines. Established in 1927, it has one of the longest and richest histories among the Chinese clan associations in the Philippines.

The Association used to hold office in a rented building facility which also served as free living quarters for elderly compatriots.  To save on costs, after the elderly residents had passed on, the Association decided to give up the lease.   Fortunately, the Honorary President, Mr. Henry Ah generously offered an office space in the corporate office of their family business, Liberty Bakery, as the CSWK secretariat office up to the present.

CHUN SUN WOI KWON is an affiliate member of the Grand Family Association of the Philippines, Philippines Federation of Filipino-Cantonese Association, Inc., and Philippines Alliance of Filipino-Cantonese Association. Members of these three umbrella organizations often join forces to organize charitable projects and social services which benefit the Filipino-Chinese community.

In accordance with the provision of their by-laws, the Board of Directors schedules the election and induction of new officers, holds quarterly meetings presided by the chairman, and convenes special meetings for urgent and special matters.

Despite concerted efforts by overseas Chinese in the Philippines to preserve the customs and traditions of their homeland, these are slowly disappearing due to acculturation. For instance, many of their second and generation descendants no longer speak Cantonese.

Realizing that they stand to lose their Chinese cultural identity altogether, if urgent and more effective measures are not undertaken to address this alarming concern, the Philippines Alliance of Filipino-Cantonese Association and the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. have organized several projects to enable overseas Chinese in the Philippines to rediscover their Chinese heritage.

For several years now, they have been offering free summer classes for non-speakers to learn Cantonese. Likewise, they have organized trips to China for those who desire to rediscover and absorb the culture of the motherland and trace ancestral roots. These trips, not only rekindle people’s pride in their rich Chinese culture, they also promote understanding among town-mates and create bonds with their ancestral heritage.





Tuesday November 27, 2012

Officers of the Grand Family Association of the Philippines Visits Chung Sun Woi Kwon

Officers of the Grand Family Association of the Philippines Visits Chung Sun Woi Kwon.

  Members of the Grand Family Association of the Philippines, the administrative officer Mr. Ong Eng Chan(吳榮燦),潘用揖,李國材,謝銘洲 and his associate 傅孫土 paid a visit to Chung Sun Woi Kwon (旅菲甄湯中山會館) on November 15, 2012.  They were warmly received by the honorary President, Mr. Henry Ah and Mr. Max Ah, the President, Mr. Francis Yan, the Vice President, Ms. Judy Yan Co and the Women’s Group Representative, Mrs. Betty Ah.

  In his opening remarks, Mr. Francis Yan shares that majority of their members currently reside in different localities, making it only feasible to meet on special occasions such as the Spring and Autumn festivities. Celebrations are so organized that all attendees will enjoy the reunions.  One of the major highlights of the recent year is the production of the family tree album. It's a detailed compilation of the ancestral roots and lineage of every family of the association. With the hope that it will help the younger generations appreciate the organizational functions of Chung Sun Woi Kwon (旅菲甄湯中山會館).
  Subsequently, Mr. Ong Eng Chan(吳榮燦), expressed that their appointed task of visiting the members of the Association has come to an end and gave encouraging remarks on two regards namely: improvement in attendance punctuality and in economic frugality within the Filipino Chinese communities. He hopes that these favorable observations and good business practices can be sustained over time.
  The Board members of Chung Sun Woi Kwon (旅菲甄湯中山會館) hosted a goodwill luncheon for their guests at the Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant.
  菲律濱各宗親會聯合會訊:本會常務理事吳榮燦,潘用揖,李國材,謝銘洲,秘書長傅孫土於十五日訪問旅菲甄湯中山會館 (Chung Sun Woi Kwon),受到名譽理事長甄炳興先生,甄炳紹先生,理事長甄惠年先生,副理事長甄秀燕女士,婦女組甄許美緻女士等熱烈歡迎。